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Grant and scholarship applications are due May 1st of each year. The Board will meet in May and responses will be sent by May 31st.

A limited number WALC Conference Scholarships are available each year. Our goal for scholarships for 2023 has been met. Please check back and consider applying by May 1, 2024.


Please review updated guidance on Scholarships & Grants before applying.


General Project Grants

Each year WALC has adequate funds in the treasury, we consider grants to individuals or organizations to fund projects consistent with the purposes of WALC.

WALC’s statement of purpose can be found on the website, but especially relevant tenets are:

To support and encourage the development of high standards of effective and ethical practice in the field of infant feeding among lactation consultants and other health care workers.

To create universal awareness of the importance of human milk and breastfeeding and the hazards of artificial feeding.

To cooperate with other Wisconsin organizations that have aims and objectives (in whole or in part) similar to those of WALC.

To encourage, stimulate, and assist research and investigation into all aspects of lactation and infant feeding.

Please contact us via the contact form with questions.


WALC Project Grant Guidelines

Project Grant Application

Sample Grant Application

Sample Grant Report

Lactation Program Scholarship Guidance

Lactation Program Scholarship Application