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WALC Project Grant Guidelines

  1. Grant applications must be submitted by a current WALC member. The grant applicant does not necessarily have to be a member of the organization seeking the grant.
  2. Grant applications are reviewed at our May Board meeting. Applications should be submitted by May 1st to be considered at this meeting. Notification of grants awarded will be made by May 31st. Grants MAY be considered at other times if we have sufficient funds.
  3. A brief report on how the funds were used should be submitted to the WALC president within 30 days of the end of the project or by May 1 of the following year. Individuals or organizations who meet this requirement may be invited to apply again in the future.
  4. We generally do not give grants to pay for direct care, as that is needed everywhere. We tend to look for projects that will help get something off the ground or provide one-time help for a project.
  5. Subscriptions, cell phones, and recurring expenses are not sustainable. Some expenses may be allowed on a one time or start up basis.
  6. If your organization is interested in becoming a human milk depot or dispensary, please discuss this project with the MMBWGL. You may apply for a grant for this project.
  7. We do not pay directly for pasteurized human milk. Please contact your local milk bank for further information/opportunities.
  8. Lactation rooms – we prefer project planners have financial and sweat equity in the space. WALC will not fund lactation rooms completely although we may support your efforts up to $750. For your grant report, please include photos, video or other information regarding your space.
  9. Since WALC provides quarterly and annual education, we don’t financially support competing conferences. In some instances, we provide scholarships for WALC education.
  10. Grant amounts are wide-ranging depending on the project, the strength of the grant application, the number of applications received and the amount available through WALC. Amounts may range from $100 to $10,000. The WALC Board will review applications and may elect to fully or partially fund a request.
  11. A strong grant application will include background information of the organization/individual, detailed breakdown of costs and an explanation of the scope of the project including goals and expectation.
  12. Give a brief history of your organization, tell us about yourselves! This may be a video, pictures, a paragraph, etc. Please share any information you feels supports your grant application.