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WALC provides scholarships for individuals who represent or work with an underserved community in Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, to take a basic lactation education program as they work toward qualifying to take the IBLCE exam. Letters of recommendation may be requested by the Board. WALC may provide up to $750 for the Program.


  1. Working in an underserved community in Wisconsin or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
  2. Agree to send WALC President confirmation you have completed course. Failure to complete coursework may result in ineligibility for future grants/scholarships.


  1. Provide information on the program including cost, CERPS provided and whether continuing education is required to maintain certification. Please include links or other information to be considered by the WALC Board.
  2. Courses need to offer CERPS through IBLCE as WALC considers this a step on the path to becoming an IBCLC.
  3. Scholarships may be granted up to $750. Additional fees and costs are the responsibility of the individual.
  4. WALC will make payments directly to the provider. Scholarship grantee will need to register with the course provider and make arrangements so WALC can make payment directly to the provider.
  5. Test prep – We strongly encourage test takers to take a test prep course. There is potential for additional funds if you wish to take a test prep course. Amount may vary. The maximum allowable is $200 for test prep.
  6. When funds are available, scholarship applications will also be considered at quarterly Board Meetings (September, November and January).