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Dear WALC,

Thank you very much for the grant awarded to The Milk Mob in January 2016. The funds were

designated to cover scholarships to attend Breastfeeding Champion Training. Six scholarship recipients

attended the training February 19-20, 2016. All were either members of the Wisconsin Doulas of Color

or the African American Breastfeeding Alliance.

We received a net of $900 to cover $150/person. We were originally granted $1050 for 7 scholarship

recipients, but 1 person cancelled, so we returned $150 to WALC.

After the training, we sent out a web survey to all scholarship recipients. A copy of the responses we

received is attached. Five of the 6 scholarship recipients contributed comments in this survey.

The Milk Mob feels that this was a successful event for this population, who otherwise would not have

been able to attend the 16 hour training program.

Thank you again for your commitment to fund such important initiatives!

Yours truly,

Allison Laverty Montag


Initial_Report Qualtrics from The Milk Mob grant recipients Feb 2016