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Each year, the WALC Board considers grant requests from individuals or organizations to fund projects consistent with the purposes of WALC. One of the best parts of this is seeing the results! We will be sharing feedback from grants that were awarded so you can see the wonderful things are members are doing.

Mothers Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes

Project Reports for WALC Grants 2015-2016

Dear WALC,

We greatly appreciate the financial support that we’ve received from you in 2015-2016.

Below are our project reports for our 2 WALC grants:

1. In 2015 we received $3000. The milk bank opened its doors in mid-January 2016, but prior to

this we began accepting donors. Accepting donors means that we needed to pay for their lab

work. We are pleased to report that to-date we have 26 approved donors from Wisconsin. The

lab work for each donor costs $125, so we applied the $3000 towards the $3250.00 needed to

ultimately accept our Wisconsin donors. Thanks!

2. In 2016 we received $1400 as emergency funds for 2 freezers. During the course of the last 11

years, our milk bank set up an extensive donor milk depot system throughout Wisconsin. All of

the milk collected at our depots prior to January 2016 was shipped to the Indiana Milk Bank.

Once we opened our doors in January, we began receiving significant volumes of milk from our

depots. We initially estimated that we had sufficient freezer space, but 2 of our donated

freezers broke down, and we had an emergent need for more freezer space. We cannot thank

you enough for the $1400 which we used to purchase 2 freezers.

Thank you for your commitment to the development and sustenance of The Mothers’ Milk Bank of the

Western Great Lakes. Your financial support through grant money and your donations to us at the WALC

conferences have been invaluable for our success.

We hope that any of you have the opportunity to come visit us in Elk Grove Village, IL!

Anne Eglash MD, IBCLC, FABM

Mothers Milk Bank of the Western Great Lakes