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Welcome to the website!  To access the member list or post to the member blog, you will need to login (very top right of this page)  with your password.  Your user name is your first initial and last name (ex. Murphy Brown would be MBrown).  If you don’t know your password, go to the login page and click “Lost your password?”  If you find problems, let Stacy know.


Also – find us on FaceBook:                                                                                                   Wisconsin  Association of Lactation Consultants (WALC):http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wisconsin-Association-of-Lactation-Consultants-WALC/189793571059394


September WALC meeting September 16, 2016

Sept. 16, 2016- Wauwatosa.  Summer Kelly RN, BSN, IBCLC Executive Director of the Mothers Milk Bank of the Great Lakes.  Presenting on the microbiome and donor milk.

More information to come, save the original WALC date.  ***WBC needs to focus on coalition business at their annual meeting this year, we will try to co-conference next year.

Upcoming WALC Programs

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that came to the conference this year! It is always so invigorating to spend time with like-minded individuals with the passion for helping mothers and babies. Getting to see everyone in such a stimulating environment is wonderful. Let’s take this energy back with us and share with all those lovely dyads. Build confidence, empower mothers and babes as well as the caregivers. Skin to skin is biologically normal and inspires confidence!


WALC Conference Follow up Survey

This is the link for the evaluation form. Once it is filled out, you will receive your Certificate of Attendance. This is only available for 2 weeks.


Thanks for attending

Mentor Opportunities

Do you have people ask you how to become an IBCLC? I do on a regular basis. One of the toughest requirements is getting your hours in. Finding ways to gather 300 to 1,000 hours of clinical experience is not easy!

I would love to find a way to connect IBCLC candidates with Mentors. Do you have mentor opportunities in your facility or know of someone that offers them? Would candidates be able to shadow you at work? Please post of any opportunities you know of in the member blog so we can help IBCLC candidates on their pathway to sit the exam.

2016 Early Bird Conference fee ends on Feb 4th

WALC Conference registrations are pouring in – and February 4th is the last day for Early Bird prices. Postmark your mail-in registration or register on line by Feb 4th to save money! Our brochure is available on our website. Online registration is there too. Save your spot – sign up soon!

LRB 3285 State Law to strengthen federal pumping law

On January 20, 2016, Rep. Lisa Subeck introduced LRB 3285 for the purpose of strengthening current federal law (Break Time for Nursing Mothers) by closing the gap between wage and salaried employees and ensuring that women who need unpaid break time to breastfeed or express their milk remain eligible for employer-sponsored health insurance. LRB 3285 also has a strong enforcement provision not available under federal law.
Wording of LRB 3285: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/eupdates/asm78/15-3285_1.pdf
Representative Lisa Subeck’s press release: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/…/representative-subeck-introdu…/

This group will function as a way for breastfeeding advocates across Wisconsin to disseminate updates and information about this bill, including public committee hearings, upcoming votes, and ways to educate the public about this bill.

Our legislators need to know that working women are struggling to provide their babies with breast milk. There are many barriers in place that prevents them from doing so. They need to hear our stories. To find email and phone number information for constituent’s legislators, enter your address (street, city, zip) in the top right box.http://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/
Calling or emailing only takes a few minutes!

This bill has bipartisan support BUT it will not pass a vote unless each and every one of Wisconsin’s legislators hear from their constituents (that’s you!) that this bill matters to families in Wisconsin.

Please find the WI Breastfeeding Bill Advocates page and follow for updates. A lobby day is planned for Friday (Jan 29) in Madison.


Interested in joining the WALC Board?

We are accepting nominations for Secretary for the WALC Board. If you are interested, please contact Allison before February 12th. allisonlavmon@gmail.com

Mentor opportunities

Do you have mentor opportunities in your facility or know of someone that offers them? Finding a way to get hours to fill the requirements to become an IBCLC can be difficult. Please post of any opportunities you know of in the member blog so we can help IBCLC candidates on their pathway to sit the exam.

Website Difficulties

We’ve been having trouble with the website recently. You may have noticed you couldn’t access the site and this morning, posts from October and November were sent out as if they were new. Our provider is trying to fix the problem. Please bear with us – we hope it is resolved quickly!