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Welcome to the website!  To access the member list or post to the member blog, you will need to login (very top right of this page)  with your password.  Your user name is your first initial and last name (ex. Murphy Brown would be MBrown).  If you don’t know your password, go to the login page and click “Lost your password?”  If you find problems, let Stacy know.



Save-the-date: Friday, Sept 19th WALC Meeting

Karen Strube, RNC-OB, IBLCL, will be speaking on “Obtaining and Using Donor Milk in Your NICU”, in Green Lake, Wisconsin.  Check our website under “Next Meetings” for more details.

May 20th WALC Meeting

Be sure to RSVP for our WALC meeting next Tuesday.  Our presenters will demonstrate how to change awareness with your providers about the potential problems of tongue tie, assessment, and how to build a network for referrals.

Lunch and WALC Business meeting will follow the informational session.  CERPS and CME’s are available.

Please RSVP for meeting and/or lunch to hmlrn1@aol.com     Lunch is $7

Save the Date-MAY 20 WALC meeting

The “Tongue Tie Project” is the topic for our next WALC meeting on Tuesday, May 20th in Waupaca, Wisconsin.  This project, of the Breastfeeding Alliance of Northeast Wisconsin, was awarded one of the 2013/14 WALC grants.  The goal of the project was to expand awareness among providers and begin to build a network of professionals that could treat tongue tie when interfering with breastfeeding.  We will learn more about the project, observe an assessment, and hear from a provider that has been doing revisions.  CERPS are available and CMEs have been applied for.  For more information and to reserve your spot – look under “Meetings”, “Next Meeting”.  Hope to see you in Waupaca.

Feb 20 last day for WALC Conference Standard fee

February 20th is the last day to register for the upcoming WALC Conference, using the standard fee of $200.  So register online or get your registration postmarked on the 20th to save yourself that Procrastinator fee!

We are filling up – hope to see you there!

Sandy Testin, WALC Conference Registrar

Register for Jan 17th WALC Presentation, by 1/14!

Dr Rocky Webb will be the speaker at our January 17th WALC Meeting in Wausau.  Dr Webb is the director of a Methadone Clinic in Wausau and will share information on supporting mothers and babies that are part of a Methadone Program.

To register, email      krussell@meriter.com. Let her know you are coming and whether you will be staying for lunch ($7). Please RSVP by Jan. 14th

More information is available under “Meetings”.

Patterns for Breastfeeding clothing available

A Lactation Consultant in Naperville is retiring and has patterns for breastfeeding clothing that she would like to share with someone who could put them to good use.  The patterns are of the quality that would be good for a business (not just single use).  If you are interested, please contact Stephanie Hughes at 630-420-4233.

BF and Methadone – 1/17 WALC Mtg Reminder

Join us – Friday, January 17th, at 9:30 AM, in Wausau.   Dr Rocky Webb, Family Practitioner, will present: “Working with Breastfeeding Mothers in a Methadone Program”.    Dr Webb will share information on the effects of methadone on mom and baby; why breastfeeding is important for this dyad, and how to support breastfeeding for this mom and baby with special needs.  CERPS Available.  Check Website – under “Meetings”,  for more details.

Mark your calendar for the January 17, 2014 WALC Meeting, in Weston (near Wausau).

Dr Rocky Webb, Family Practioner, will present “Working with breastfeeding mothers in a methadone program.”  More information is available on our website under “Next Meeting”.

On-line Registration for 2014 WALC Conference

The on-line registration for our 2014 conference is up and ready. Space is limited to 350 people, so sign up early.  Here is the link to the site: https://www.regonline.com/2014walcbreastfeedingconference

Hope to see you there!

ILCA Membership – Group Discount

For those of you with ILCA memberships, many will expire on Dec 31st.  There is a discount for renewing as a group, so WALC is offering that opportunity.  Cost for group renewal is $178 each.  (For individuals to renew the cost is $191.)

If you would like to join ILCA or renew your membership, as a group, with WALC:

  1. Write a check, payable to “WALC” for $178 – put “ILCA Membership” in memo line
  2. Fill out membership form if you will be a new ILCA member or have any changes to your information.  Go to this link and print and fill out page 3 only:  http://www.ilca.org/files/membership/join_ilca/2014_Group_Form.pdf
  3. Renewing members without address or contact information changes DO NOT need to fill out the membership form – just attach a note to the check,  with your ILCA membership ID number
  4. Send check and Membership form (or ILCA ID number) to Kathie Russell, 7442 Hunters Court, Middleton, WI 53562  or bring check and form to our November 19th WALC meeting in Madison.

Checks and Membership form need to reach Kathie Russell by December 1st - so do it soon,before you get swept away by the holiday season!