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Appreciation from a mother I supported with a baby with a tongue tie. In a country with no Lactation Consultants she only found me. Thanks to WALC your support helps me to reach more mothers.

Hi Josephine!

I wanted to update you on how Clark and I are doing. We were able to have his tongue tie released at our Dentist last Friday. Since then, he’s continued to improve. Nursing is much less painful than it was before, and I can actually see us being successful. I still pump after he nurses just to make sure my breasts are being emptied, but he seems to be taking in more and more on his own. He’s gaining weight well and is generally less fussy at feeding times.

As far as the plugged ducts go, I struggled for two days with the first one (it was massive, rock hard, and very painful) before it softened and came out. I got another one just a couple of days later and tried putting cabbage leaves as you recommended in my bra. Within two hours, it had already come out. It was amazing!

Anyway, we’re still trying to find a fabric that we love for the carrier you make, so I’ll contact you when we have that and are ready to buy one.

Thank you so much for all of your help! I will definitely pass you name along to any other new mothers who need breastfeeding support!

Hi Josephine!

I wanted to send you another update. Clark and I have been nursing pain-free for a few weeks now! I’m no longer needing to pump, as he is eating very efficiently now, and he weighs 6.3 kg! I want to thank you again for your support and encouragement.

I wondered if you would mind if I passed your contact information along to people? There are some expat groups I’m a part of, and I know there are other moms who could use breastfeeding support. I would also love to give your information to our pediatrician, because he seems to really want to support moms, as well.

I hope you are well!

Thank you!