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It was such an amazing experience working with Angela! On the dusty bumpy roads in our small car (duet) we traveled to villages. Under the dusty sunny sweaty days I walked and worked with Angela.

We were able to train 55 health workers on breastfeeding, 23+ pregnant mothers, 25+breastfeeding and complementing mothers and we conducted home visits too, as well as post natal ward breastfeeding support! In just 3 weeks.

I would like to appreciate WALC and all other people who donated to make Angela’s visit a success. For me this was a dream come true. She inspired many health workers and parents and they requested for continuation of such a program. I have started a program to making our local hospital (Nkokonjeru) Baby Friendly and this Thursday I will be holding a meeting with the hospital staff to map out the September program of drawing the path to working towards BFHI.

Last Friday I held a meeting with the trained community health workers and they requested for continuation and extension of the breastfeeding program in other neighboring

I also started following up on the breastfeeding mothers who we trained while Angela was here. 30 breastfeeding moms have also been identified by the trained breastfeeding moms and health workers. Angela’s visit had a great impact sparking off big numbers of mothers continuing to seek f or breastfeeding support and this means need for more resources. I am hopeful that we shall work towards supporting more. This is also a great path to my interest in becoming and IBCLC IN Uganda.

The twin mom who we found supplementing her twins when I visited with Angela supplements no more, now has enough breastmilk to feed her babies and can now breastfeed both at the same time… She is happy that what she was taught perfectly worked out.

Angela was super while here and all the people we trained liked her training style.

Grateful Josephine.