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Warm greetings from Uganda!

I am sending my sincere thanks to WALC for the 2 year membership
payment! This came at the most material time when my dream of
establishing a breastfeeding resource center is a couple of weeks to
becoming a reality! I have recently acquired a 5 by 6 feet cupboard
for my breastfeeding resource materials I have accumulated for the
last period!

I was recently contacted by a new mom of Twins for lactation support,
she got my contact from WALC! She is a very determined mom, currently
successfully breastfeeding her twins! She appreciates my support.

Our vegetables and fruits for the moms in mother support groups are
flourishing and many moms are happy about the output!

There is a new project -called best milk project which was started
from the book donations by Kate Carothers RN, IBCLC and being
furthered by Evelyn Harris - Secretary to the Chippewa Valley
Technical College Nursing Club. Will give you updates in time to come.

Iam working hard on attending the 2011 CAPPA  and ILCA conferences to
be able become Lactation Trainer to prepare me for the 2012 IBCLC
examinations respectively. I plan to exhibit as I did last year and
also be able to buy breastfeeding resources at the conference to stock
my breastfeeding resource center and show case during the 2011 World
Breastfeeding Week events!

...................... I will keep you posted on the progress.

Sincerely Yours,

Josephine Nalugo