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Hi all, We still have openings for a focus group that will discuss the best way to train office nurses in breastfeeding. The focus group will meet at WALC on Thursday Night 6pm-7pm, free food for attendees, no charge to join us.
I am the president of a new non-profit organization called the Milk Mob, whose focus is to teach breastfeeding to medical professionals who are currently in practice.
Currently the Milk Mob’s key focus is on a curriculum called the Office Nurse Breastfeeding Champion (ONBC). This is a 16 hour curriculum that trains clinical staff who care for nursing mothers and babies in pediatric, family medicine and OB/Gyn offices. It was created to not only teach optimal telephone triage for outpatient nurses, but also to give office staff the skills to perform primary-care breastfeeding management such as pre/post-feed weights, breast pump instruction, etc. Think of certified Office Nurse Breastfeeding Champions as office staff who you, as lactation consultants, can partner with to provide optimal breastfeeding support for dyads you care for, and dyads you worry about!
Because the Milk Mob is new, and I’m just getting my feet wet (perhaps swimming upstream?!), I am looking for 15-25 RN, IBCLCs who are familiar with outpatient breastfeeding management to participate in a focus group. I will ask participants for their ideas and feedback to help the Milk Mob with its strategic plan. In addition, we will discuss how the Milk Mob can disseminate the ONBC curriculum to the medical community. Why am I asking for your participation? Because the Milk Mob model plans to train RN Lactation Consultants to teach the Office Nurse Breastfeeding Champion Program to office nurses in their communities (and beyond if they wish to travel!). And yes, we want to pay you as trainers, since executing a 16 hour curriculum is a true commitment!
I’d like to thank WALC for its generosity in co-sponsoring this event.
If you’d like to sign up, please email me privately at
Thanks and see you at the WALC Conference !!

Anne Eglash MD, IBCLC, FABM