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For those of you with ILCA memberships, many will expire on Dec 31st.  There is a discount for renewing as a group, so WALC is offering that opportunity.  Cost for group renewal is $178 each.  (For individuals to renew the cost is $191.)

If you would like to join ILCA or renew your membership, as a group, with WALC:

  1. Write a check, payable to “WALC” for $178 – put “ILCA Membership” in memo line
  2. Fill out membership form if you will be a new ILCA member or have any changes to your information.  Go to this link and print and fill out page 3 only:
  3. Renewing members without address or contact information changes DO NOT need to fill out the membership form – just attach a note to the check,  with your ILCA membership ID number
  4. Send check and Membership form (or ILCA ID number) to Kathie Russell, 7442 Hunters Court, Middleton, WI 53562  or bring check and form to our November 19th WALC meeting in Madison.

Checks and Membership form need to reach Kathie Russell by December 1st – so do it soon,before you get swept away by the holiday season!