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I am an IBCLC providing inpatient and outpatient Lactation Services at a community hospital. My hospital was approached by a person wishing to become an IBCLC. She is not a Recognized Health Professional or from a Recognised Support Counselor Organization. She was told by IBLCE that she could follow Pathway 1. She is enrolled at a Technical College and in the process of taking the 14 required Health Science Subjects. She has completed a 90 hour on-line Lactation Specific Education.  I guess I’m looking for some direction as to where to begin and how to provide the “Supervised Clinical Practice”.  Are there any hospital based IBCLC’s out there who have been involved in this kind of activity or any IBCLC’s that have followed this route to achieved their IBCLC.  You can email me:

Susan Lindekugel, RN, IBCLC,RLC