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May 12, 2017 8:30-4pm at the Goodman Center, Madison Wisconsin

The Milk Mob is excited to present its first Art and Science of Breastfeeding Conference in Madison May 12th! Breastfeeding and Human Lactation is a field that intertwines cultural practices, evidenced-based clinical knowledge, and the bench research that seeks to explain our intuitions and experience. Our conference couples both the art of infant feeding with new and emerging scientific explanations of clinical phenomena that we observe when working with breastfeeding dyads.

This conference is appropriate for anyone who works with breastfeeding families.

event: art-science-2017



Laura Hernandez, PhD and her graduate student Samantha Weaver, both from the University of Wisconsin, will share current knowledge and their research-in-progress on topics including obesity’s effect on milk supply, the physiologic triggers responsible for moderating the milk production rate, and the effect of common antidepressants on bone health of nursing mothers.

Patricia Smith, OTR, IBCLC, will describe the normal oral motor and tongue function necessary for breastfeeding, and discuss problems that can be addressed by a feeding specialist. She will also share the role of tummy time in infant feeding skills, and demonstrate a simple lymphatic protocol for breast fullness.

Gretchen Becker Crabb, OTR/L, CLC, IMH-E™ will help us gain a greater understanding of how the infant sensory systems play a role in infant fussiness and feeding difficulties. She will provide strategies which can be applied when counseling families with a fussy infant.