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I think I may have found someone closer than Chicago to refer (suggest) for posterior ties!!! 

 His name is Dr. Walczak and office is located in Stevens Point:

I spoke on the phone with him today, very nice and states he has been doing the frenotomies (upper lip and lingual) for a while now via laser.  One thing concerning to me…he wasn’t familiar with Dr. Kotlow, but wanted me to forward Dr. Kotlow’s information to him (which I did). 

I plan on meeting with him sometime this summer (we camp around Waupaca) and he will be sending me brochures/cards. 

Does anyone have any experience with him or know of anyone else in WI who does the posterior lingual and upper lip frenotomies via laser?

Roxanne  🙂

Roxanne Gollata, RN, IBCLC, RLC

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