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Dear All,
The MIlk Mob has 3 upcoming Outpatient Breastfeeding Champion Training events scheduled in Wisconsin:
Janesville WI- Feb 27-28th, with Instruct-the-Instructor on March 1st
LaCrosse WI- March 27-28th with Instruct-the-Instructor training on March 29th
Madison WI- May 8 and 9th at the Health Sciences Learning Center next to the UW Hospital
Details on locations, and event registration are at Come check out our new website too!
Our 16 hour Outpatient Breastfeeding Champion Training course was initially developed to train primary care office staff (Peds, OB/Gyn, Family Med) in evidence-based telephone triage and management of in-office breastfeeding problems such as latch, pump use, supplementation options, and growth evaluation. Many others have found this course to be helpful, including public health nurses, doulas, dieticians, LLL leaders, health professional students, midwives, peer counselors, and providers such as physicians, PAs and NPs.
Hospitals that own clinics and who are working on Baby Friendly certification would find this ideal training for their clinics.
Thanks for helping us spread the word!

Anne Eglash MD, IBCLC, FABM
President, The Milk Mob, A gang of Breastfeeding and Human Lactation Educators