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SB 316 Shackling 2019 19-1511_1

SB 316 addresses the treatment and availability of support services to pregnant and postpartum women in Wisconsin state prisons and county jails.


Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau

This bill limits the use of physical restraints on pregnant and postpartum
people who are in the custody of a correctional facility. Under the bill, a pregnant
person may not be restrained unless the restraints are reasonably necessary for the
legitimate safety and security needs of the person, correctional staff, or public, and
any restraints used must be the least restrictive possible. In addition, the bill
requires that every woman in the custody of a correctional facility be offered testing
for pregnancy, and, if pregnant, be offered testing for sexually transmitted infections.
The bill also requires the correctional facility where the pregnant or postpartum
person is being confined to provide information related to pregnancy, labor, and the
postpartum period, and to provide access to certain health services related to
pregnancy, labor, and the postpartum period.

Dr. Hartke has invited members to reach out to her with questions or if there is interest in participating in the hearing.