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Our WALC Board has been struggling along with the rest of the world to put action to the long standing disparities faced by marginalized families. Words are not enough. Our hearts ache for those oppressed by racism. We are listening and will work to be more inclusive and help to remove barriers moving forward.

The Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants (WALC) has grants and scholarship money which are awarded each year. Although grant money has been available to all projects consistent with the purposes of WALC and scholarships have been given to individuals in need, it is not enough. The time has come for WALC to form a committee to address equity and equality among our membership and upcoming breastfeeding supporters. This committee will develop specific wording and commitments regarding funds we offer in grants and scholarships to ensure equitable access to help grow IBCLCs in our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), specifically. These commitments will be made public.

The WALC Board commits to bringing BIPOC members onto our board. None of us can speak for everyone and we want to hear from those that have had their voices silenced. In seeking/inviting/welcoming members of these communities to our table, we strive to send a powerful message to our members. Their presence, and their leadership, will make WALC truly representative of our state.

We invite you to stand beside us in the discomfort that comes with these conversations. We can make a difference together.

Respectfully submitted by the WALC Board June 15, 2020.

Allison Laverty Montag BA, RLC, IBCLC
WALC President

Please feel free to contact me with questions, comments and to express interest in participating in the committee mentioned above. allisonlavmon at