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In the event of hazardous weather, meeting cancellations will be posted on the website by 6:30am

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

 Building a Breastfeeding Legacy

Join BCBC, WALC, HSHS and WIC for a day of breastfeeding education!


Cathy Carothers, Every Mother Inc.

Jen Ortner, State WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator

Dr. Jenny Thomas, MD, IBCLC Aurora Health Care

Lambeau Field – Legends Room

1245 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay, WI  54304

Parking and Schedule:  Building a Breastfeeding Legacy Schedule – 2017

Receive 6 L CERPS, view 2 new lactation rooms, Coeffective Update, team picture and tailgate lunch.

Online Registration:

Game Day Schedule

Pregame: Registration, breakfast snacks & welcome! (7:15 – 8:05)

Kickoff: The Ingredients of Human Milk – Dr. Jen Thomas (8:05 – 9:05)


  • Discuss the composition of human milk and the changes in ingredients over the course of lactation
  • Explain the structure and function of human milk oligosaccharides
  • Explore the various bioactive proteins found in human milk
  • Discover the dual nature of the ingredients in human milk as they provide nutrition and protection for the infant.

Time Out: Break (9:05 – 9:15)

1st Quarter: High Five for Success: Helping Moms Prepare for their Hospital Experience – Cathy Carothers (9:15 – 10:15)

  • Identify at least 3 reasons for supporting mother-baby togetherness in the first hour after birth.
  • Name three ways skin to skin care (SSC) impacts feeding outcomes.
  • Identify two ways to support maternal and infant rooming-in during the hospital stay.
  • List two ways to help parents learn the needs of their newborn.

Time Out: Break (10:15 – 10:25)

2nd Quarter: The Sensory Experience of the Newborn

– Dr. Thomas (10:25 – 11:25)

  • Describe the development of the newborn’s hearing, sense of smell, vision and perception of taste
  • Relate the development of these sensory skills to their role in breastfeeding
  • Discuss breastfeeding as it relates to a newborn’s emotional development
  • Explain the role of touch as it relates to newborn brain development

Time Out: Wisconsin Coffective—Jen Ortner (11:30 – noon )

Half Time: Lunch & Network (noon — 1:10)

3rd Quarter: Working Together: Communicating With Physicians About Breastfeeding – Dr. Jen Thomas (1:10 – 2:10)

  • Understand why physicians should be knowledgeable about breastfeeding
  • Describe what we know about physician knowledge and attitudes about breastfeeding
  • Describe how physicians learn and potential roadblocks

4th Quarter: Making it Work: Supporting Nursing Moms at Work – Cathy Carothers (2:15 – 3:15)

  • Identify at least three major barriers to breastfeeding among employed women.
  • Identify at least two solutions for maintaining milk production after returning to work.
  • Name at least two ways to assist mothers in preparing for their return to work.

Time Out: Snack (3:15 – 3:30)

Post Game: The Time is Right: Seize the Moment! – Cathy Carothers (3:30 – 4:30)

  • Identify at least three national or state initiatives in each of the following areas that can improve breastfeeding support for new families: health care, government, legislation, and employment/child care.
  • Identify at least two opportunities for building on national initiatives to support breastfeeding families.


Next WALC meeting: 

Upcoming Meetings

November 14, 2017 – Topics, location and time soon to be announced!

If interested in hosting please contact  Diane Oakland at with topic and/or meeting location suggestions.