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Can I leave early if I need to?

  • Absolutely!  If you need to leave early you certainly may, but your certificate will reflect fewer CERPs.

I can’t read the slides – the print is too small!

  • We can only ask the speakers to make the slides readable (and we do); we can’t make them.
  • A magnifying glass can be helpful.

Why don’t we have soda at the breaks?

  • Cost.  We really try to keep the conference affordable and the cost of soda really adds up!  There should be time during the breaks to pop out to get whatever you’d prefer if the snacks we provide don’t meet your needs.  Soda is available in the lobby gift shop or in the machines by the pool.

Why don’t you offer CEUs for RNs or CMEs for Physicians?

  • We would love to, but the time commitment to apply for and meet all the requirements is more than the committee is able to manage for the few attendees who need them.  Wisconsin RNs are not required to submit continuing education credits to renew their licenses.  We appreciate our MD attendees very much, but the one year we did offer CMEs (at a huge additional time commitment, I might add) we did not attract more MD registrants.  If you would like to volunteer to take on the responsibility of applying for CEUs or CMEs, the committee welcomes your assistance!  Please contact