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WALC Quarterly Meeting Registration - Sept 17, 2021, Webinar Via Zoom

3 Topics: 1. USLCA Webinar: Feisty or Calm, Understanding How Temperament Impacts BF, 1 L CERP 2. Federal Break Time Requirements for Nursing Mothers, .5 L CERPs, 3. Exclusive Pumping: Learning from Parent Experiences, .5 L
  • Cost

    This WALC educational meeting is offered free of charge.
    If you would like to join WALC, the cost is $20. Membership runs from March 1 through Feb 28 (to coincide with our annual Conference) See Membership - on website
    If you would like more information on volunteer opportunities, please check the box and we will get back to you
    CERPs are free for this meeting