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Welcome to WALC!

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Speaker Suggestions and Topics Wanted!

WALC has quarterly meetings which are held May, September, November and January each year. Each meeting offers 2 hours of education. Locations vary throughout the state. If you are interested in hosting a meeting, please let us know!

Do you know a great speaker or aspire to become a speaker?

We are looking for recommendations for topics and speakers. (You can suggest yourself!) : )

Please email Diane at doakland@thebirthhospital.org or Allison at allisonlavmon@gmail.com with your suggestions!

Have a beautiful day and thank you for all you do to support breastfeeding families!

WALC Letter to Anthem regarding changes in reimbursement for breast pumps

Hello Everyone!

Below is a letter that was sent to Anthem Blue Cross in response to their decision to lower reimbursement breast pumps effective April 1, 2017. Please feel free to use this letter as a template for a response from you! I encourage you to personalize your response and make changes to make it your own so it stands out.

There are 3 email addresses in the email to which you can send your response.

Thank you for all you do to support breastfeeding families!



February 27, 2018

Craig Samitt, MD, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer
Anthem, Inc.
120 Monument Circle
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Dear Doctor Samitt,

This letter is in regards to Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s decision to lower reimbursement for E0603 from $169.15 to $95.00. This cut in reimbursement will put mothers, babies and young families at risk of reduced duration of breastfeeding. In particular, low-income families will be adversely impacted as they lack resources to access other options.

I represent the Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants. Our membership of 168 Lactation Supporters work daily to support breastfeeding families and to help them overcome barriers to the continuation of breastfeeding from the early days after birth to returning to work and through weaning. Many of us work with mothers that are returning to work very early – at times as soon as 1-2 weeks postpartum. A vital part of what we do is to help mothers prepare to return to work and maintain their milk supply while away from their babies. These mothers face many barriers. The use of ineffective and low cost breast pumps will add another obstacle to the continuation of breastfeeding.
Reduced access to reliable and durable breast pumps will impact the bottom line of Anthem with shorter durations of breastfeeding. The 2010 paper The Burden of Suboptimal Breastfeeding in the United States: A Pediatric Cost Analysis estimates “If 90% of US families could comply with medical recommendations to breastfeed exclusively for 6 months, the United States would save $13 billion per year and prevent an excess 911 deaths, nearly all of which would be in infants ($10.5 billion and 741 deaths at 80% compliance).”

The decision to lower reimbursement for breast pumps is contrary to the stance Anthem has taken in the past to support quality care of mothers and babies. We urge you to reconsider this decision and to maintain coverage at the current rates.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.
Yours truly,

Allison Laverty Montag IBCLC
WALC President

CC: Mr. Paul Nobile, President
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin

CC: Michael Jaeger, MD, Medical Director
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wisconsin

Conference Registration fee increases on February 16- Register Soon!

Our 2018 WALC Breastfeeding Conference is less than a month away!  Procrastinator fees start on February 16 so sign up soon to save some money.  And be sure to get your hotel room right away!   To register online:  WALC Conference Online Registration   To Register by mail, check out our brochure on the website (Under Conference).  Be sure to postmark it by February 15 to beat the Procrastinator increase.   Hope to see you there!


Changes to breast pump coverage by Anthem Blue Cross April 1, 2018.

In late December, durable medical equipment providers received a letter from Anthem informing them of a reduction in reimbursement for E0603, from $169.15 to $95.00.  The effective date is April 1, 2018.

CA, CO, CT, GA, IN, KY, ME, MO, NH, NV, IL, NY, OH, VA, WI, are the states being affected.

Let’s work together to protect the families we work with to get the care and breastfeeding equipment they need!

You can use the following on social media:

Big changes are coming for thousands of moms with Anthem Blue Cross benefits.  @AnthemInc has decided to cut their rates for breastfeeding support starting April 1.  Many moms depend on quality breast pumps to care for their babies.  They are planning to reduce breast pump coverage to $95. At that low of a rate, there is no quality pump in existence that can extract milk or keep up your supply.   

Let @AnthemInc know that moms and babies matter.  Share your voice online and contact https://twitter.com/hashtag/antheminc to stress your concern.  Or send a letter: To the Chief Medical Officer, Craig Samitt, MD. (Craig.Samitt@anthem.com).


Dr. Jenny Thomas has shared this information on Facebook and has given permission for us to share her post here. Please see her facebook page for the original post which you can share.

February 3, 2018

I use this site to share evidence-based science and practices and other really cool things about human milk but today I’m going to take a very personal and American turn and talk about the behavior of Anthem, Inc. The good news, by the end of this post, is that outcry from the public has reversed what I’m about to share in at least one state. I am hoping you will help.

On April 1st, 2018, Anthem BC/BS (my insurance company, and that of many in Southeastern Wisconsin) will cut breastfeeding support for the purchase of breast pumps for its customers by 45%, from $169.15 to $95. As many of you know, the breastfeeding provisions contained within the Affordable Care Act allowed for mothers to receive a breast pump at no cost sharing.

Anthem’s decision was announced to durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers for Anthem and not to Anthem subscribers who will only notice the change after April 1, 2018.

The decision is detrimental to the health of mothers and babies. If a mother uses an inferior pump, it affects her supply and ultimately her ability to meet her own and nationally set goals. I am especially motivated because it affects the mothers and babies for whom I care in Wisconsin, but this cut will also touch mothers in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, New Hampshire, Nevada, Illinois, New York, Ohio and Virginia.

I have already contacted Anthem and received this as a response from Kathryn Norman, Vice President, Provider Solutions at Anthem:

“Please be assured we are in complete agreement regarding the clinical value of breast milk for babies and we join you in wanting to see more mothers and babies engage in this practice for the reasons you stated.

The decision to reduce reimbursement for HCPCS E0603 followed extensive analysis and review of market dynamics. Quality, accessibility and affordability were important components in making this decision to ensure Anthem’s members will continue to receive high quality, affordable care. With that in mind and high confidence that quality affordable care remains intact, we respectfully decline the request that Anthem reverse the fee schedule reduction.” (End quote)

I am not aware of what data Anthem is using to support their decision other than the “review of market dynamics.” However, several different actuarial analyses conducted in 2017 and work done by health economists reached the predictable conclusion that supporting breastfeeding saves money. So if this decision moves forward as planned, and Anthem limits access to the quality breast pumps necessary in the US for the many, many women who need to return to work after their babies are born, Anthem will see higher costs in the short and long-term. This cut does not benefit them either.

If you are interested in helping to stop this cut, tag @AnthemInc on social media and/or email Chief Medical Officer Craig.Samitt@anthem.com. We know that public action by motivated, passionate people, changed the decision in Alabama. We have an opportunity to reverse this decision before it is implemented. Share this, post online, email. Let’s reverse this cut.

Thank you

Dr. Jen
(Jennifer Thomas, MD, MPH, IBCLC, FAAP, FABM)

Membership Chair Volunteer Needed!

Are you passionate about breastfeeding and want to work with other enthusiastic and passionate individuals?
WALC is seeking a volunteer to work with WALC Members! Please contact Allison at allisonlavmon@gmail.com with questions or to express interest.
Membership Chair Job Description
1.Keep updated list of WALC members
We currently use Excel to maintain the membership list and share with other members of the Board who need access to this information.  Need access to Excel.
2.  Welcome new members to WALC and help get them set up with our website access for members.  Also provide them information about how to receive WALC postings.
3. Make a Membership Directory each March – email to Directory to our webmaster for posting in our password protected part of our website.
4.  Participate as a Board member at our 4 Board meetings each year (January, May, September and November). Location varies.

Calling for Nominations!

WALC is seeking nominations for President! Are you interested in taking part in YOUR Association?

You may nominate yourself! If you are interested, please contact Allison at allisonlavmon@gmail.com

The deadline for nominations is March 1, 2018.

Please see the description of duties below. Attendance at quarterly Board and General Meetings is required.
President Job Description

USLCA Group Renewal Information

Hello Everyone! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Many of you also belong to USLCA and it is time to renew those memberships. You can save $10 by using our WALC code when you renew or join USLCA.
Here is our group code:
Below are directions for renewing or initiating USLCA membership on the USLCA website https://uslca.org/
If you have questions or need assistance, please email USLCA at info@uslca.org
USLCA Membership Benefits:
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Nov 14 WALC Meeting in Milwaukee

Don’t miss our November 14th WALC meeting!  Allison Laverty Montag,IBCLC and WALC President,  will share information on using your smart phone to provide information to your clients and Ann Grauer, IBCLC and Doula, will present  how PostPartum Doulas fit into the breastfeeding support network.  2 L CERPs available

Be sure to RSVP to Diane Oakland at  doakland@thebirthhospital.org by Friday, November 10th.

For more information check our website, under “Meetings”    walc.net

November 14 WALC Meeting – Growing our Breastfeeding Support Network

Join us for our next WALC meeting, Tuesday November 14th, 9:30 AM – at Ascension Columbia St Mary’s Eastlake Office Center (Milwaukee)

Allison Laverty Montag, IBCLC, RLC will share “Smart Phones – Part of the Breastfeeding Support Network”   1 L CERP

Ann Grauer, IBCLC, RLC, AdvCDPCD(DONA), LCCE, FACCE, BDT/PDT(DONA) will present “Postpartum Doulas – Newest Member of the Lactation Team”   1 L CERP

CERPS free to WALC members, $20 for nonWALC members,  lunch – $7   RSVP to doakland@thebirthhospital.org and indicate if you will be staying for lunch

For more information, see our website – walc.net    under “Meetings”



6th Annual Christopher Blaesing Lactation Education Conference- Oct 10




Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin is hosting the Sixth Annual Christopher Blaesing Lactation Education Conference on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, to be held in the Briggs and Stratton Auditorium at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  We are pleased to announce Dr. Christina L. Wichman, D.O., FAPM and Dr. Abbey R. Kruper, PsyD as keynote speakers.

Dr. Wichman is Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine and Obstetrics and Gynecology.  She has a subspecialty area of expertise in women’s mental health, specifically within the area of psychopharmacology during pregnancy and lactation.

Dr. Kruper joined the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology in 2016.  Dr. Kruper focuses specifically on perinatal mental health as well as psychological aspects of infertility and cancer.  Dr. Kruper is an active member of the Society of Behavioral Medicine as well as adjunct instructor at Marquette University.

In addition, presentations from staff of the March of Dimes NICU Institute are also scheduled.  Topics include “Creating a Culture of Respect”, “Overheard: What We Say, What We Mean and What Families Hear”, and “Patient Experience & Parent Education: The Road to Improving Practice”.

Attached please find conference information.  Please share this with your team members and others who would be interested in attending this educational event.

Save the Date-Children’s Hospital of WI